Things to Consider

We at Keystone Memorial Company believe that a memorial is a tribute to the life of your loved one. Here are some things to consider when planning your memorial.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The first thing that has to be established is “What will your cemetery allow?” This is determined by your particular cemetery’s rules and regulations. Your Funeral Director or Keystone representative can provide you with this important information before the selection process begins.

In general, most smaller cemeteries will not have many restrictions on memorials. Many of the larger cemeteries and memorial parks will have strict guidelines based on the section your plots are in and the number of graves you own. Please have your lot information ready when you ask your Funeral Director or Keystone representative what your specific cemetery’s regulations are. Knowing what your cemetery requires is necessary before moving on to the selection/design phase.


It is important to know whether the memorial will be for one person or multiple people. With many cemeteries allowing multiple interments in each grave, careful planning is necessary to ensure that there will be enough room to accommodate all inscriptions.


Granite memorials come in a wide variety of colors, please see our Memorial Design section for samples of the colors we offer.


In addition to traditional memorials, we offer a wide variety of unique custom shaped memorials. Please see the Specialty Memorials section for examples.


Your memorial can be personalized to truly reflect the life of  your loved one. Some items you may want to consider including when you are designing your memorial are:

  • Marriage date
  • Veteran information
  • Emblems ( military, civic organizations, etc.)
  • Meaningful epitaphs, prayers or poems
  • Custom artwork including portraits