Artwork Options

Standard artwork options - Your Funeral Director or Keystone representative is equipped with over 100 standard design options for you to chose from. This wide array of designs has something for everyone, from religious to floral designs and everything in between and is included in the cost of your memorial.


Custom Artwork Options - You are not limited to our standard designs. We can customize your memorial to depict any image that expresses your tastes and lifestyle.

A scene is artwork geared for lighter color memorials. The process produces a line drawing type of design.


A custom etching is available for darker granite. The artwork is highly detailed and realistic.


Portraits - Your memorial can be personalized with a portrait of your loved one.
The portrait shown here has been custom etched directly into the granite. The image is highly detailed.


A porcelain cameo is another option to add a portrait to your memorial. The cameo can be added to any memorial and provides a photo quality image.