What to Expect

As soon as we receive your memorial order we will work with the cemetery to order the concrete foundation. Completion time of the foundation can vary widely due to the cemetery’s procedures and the weather.

Shortly after we receive your memorial order you will either be contacted by your Funeral Director, or receive in the mail a scale drawing of the memorial you have selected. This is your opportunity to review the design and inscription. Please make sure everything is correct before signing it and sending it back.

Once we have your approval, we will complete the production of your memorial. Approximate turn-around times are as follows:

  • Standard memorials in Barre Gray or N. Am. Pink granite – 8-10 weeks
  • Sculptured designs, duplicate memorials, custom artwork , or Mahogany, Canadian Select, Impala Black, Jet Black, Blue Gem, Keystone Red granites – 12-14 weeks
  • Custom imported shapes – 18-20 weeks

The above turn-around times are approximate and we do everything we can to stay within the estimates. Some things that can affect the completion time are:

  • Delays with cemetery permit signatures
  • Multiple design or artwork revisions
  • Cemetery foundations not being completed
  • Periods of inclement weather

Once the memorial is complete and the cemetery foundation is installed, we will install the memorial. You will be notified when this has been done by either your Funeral Director or Keystone representative.